Friday, September 23, 2005

Corpse Bride

Sarah and I saw this film tonight. It's a marvel of stop motion animation and dark imagery from the mind of Tim Burton. (One of my favorite film makers) The animation is so flawless it's hard to believe it isn't CGI. We saw a trailer for the new Wallace and Grommit film and you can really see that things are made of clay. (not a bad thing, just different) In Corpse Bride, you can't see that. There are textures but they are intentional. Now, I'm not a big fan of the musical numbers in Burton's films which means I must be slamming Danny Elfman. (His stuff is okay...he should stick to movie themes and not musical numbers with lyrics) The story is simple with some bits of dark humor. (A dark fairy tale which Burton excels at) In the end, I have to praise the film for it's visual artistry. This story could have been told with real actors (in a Beetlejuice vein) but it is the animation that makes it shine.

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