Sunday, January 27, 2008

Mark Eaton

I also met Mark Eaton at the Art Party. I just love his figurative photography. He prints these on canvas and they have a nice, soft effect. Very nice. Mark just relocated to Seattle so I'm sure I'll be running into him again.

Doug Keith

I had the pleasure of meeting Doug at the Art Party last night. I love his ArtAxes. I have always wanted to do something artistic with guitars but a) never could find an old one to do it with and b) didn't know what I would do if I had it. Doug doesn't have that problem. I found it interesting that he said some folks are turned off by the fact that the guitars are rendered unplayable. Well, they are for display not play. Duh. C'mon people. Despite the fact that a guitar is a beautiful instrument sound-wise, have you ever just stopped to enjoy the aesthetic beauty of their design.
Doug is also a remarkable illustrator. You can view more of his work here.

Monday, January 14, 2008

James Caudle

I met James at Velouria in Ballard the other night. As I was reading his statement, I saw that he graduated from The University of West Florida...just like me...only 10 years later. I really like his work. I hope we cross paths again sometime.

Building C

We met several great artists over at Building C in Ballard on Satuday night. Here are a couple I really liked.

I am very envious of their studio space over there. I suppose that should be a goal of mine to one day be able to support myself enough to have a studio outside the home.

Crystal Thomas

We met Crystal at the Edmonds Art Walk back in October. We love her mirrors and would love to be able to purchase one someday.

Alden Mason

Catherine Eaton Skinner

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Andy Ristaino

Really like Andy's stuff. I also dig his Post It Project.